red line

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You are the consummate professional; strict, authoritarian and severe, also kind, warm, and compassionate.  I always felt a little tremble of delicious anticipation as I approached your door, knowing what I was in for, and I always found a deep satisfaction in my throbbing bottom when I left.  I used to look at the faces of fellow rail passengers, and think,  "I wonder what they would say if they knew what I'd been up to for the past few hours." But it was really worth it, Xela; if I had only been to see you once, I would never have forgotten it.  But after four sessions with you, I feel honoured.  I still dream about you, and I hope I always shall.

Over the last few years I've seen several girls in the spanking business, but never one as lovely as you.  You are the best of the best, and you will always be my beautiful mistress.

Anon from S Devon


That was what I mean by a proper caning.  It really hurt and made me suffer - possibly because I was cold and because of the speed with which you delivered the strokes - a tempo that I hadn't experienced before.  And the CBT was brilliant; it also hurt and I had the excitement of not knowing what to expect next.  Thank you - I won't let it go anything like so long before I come back for a refresher.  You are the tops - in more ways than one

Bob from London


Xela is a wonderful Dominatrix, attractive, skilful, experienced in many fetishes, and she really understands what the submissive man wants. My main interest is CP and she takes me just beyond where I think I want to go. She is always sensitive to my body language and needs. Xela is very skilled at imaginative role-play making each session truly memorable.

PB from Bedford